Lint Hair Painting (with cat) and a Shamanic Journey

Acrylic painting with lint hair and cat, 8" x 10" on gallery wrap canvas

I dug out an old book I got from the used book store at the Winter Park Library years ago. The title of the book is "Shamanic Journeying, A Beginner's Guide" by Sandra Ingerman. It's a tiny tome and I figured I wouldn't be out much to see whether it would help me in my continuous journey exploring ways to connect to ideas and imagery for use in my artwork. The book has a CD of drumming that is supposed to facilitate the journey to the lower, middle and upper worlds where you will, hopefully, encounter and become acquainted with your power animal and teachers. The first section of the CD, 12 minutes, didn't do much and I was wondering if it was a waste of time, but I felt relaxed enough to continue on with the second section of 20 minutes. After a length of time, I did start to relax into some strange types of images. I felt I was floating on a log towards an island, but the log ended up being an alligator. It didn't scare me, but dropped me at the island which had a huge palm tree. I somehow went up the tree and, by way of a golden cord, came upon a golden mansion in the sky. Inside, I didn't encounter people, but shadows that led to a pool where the same alligator was. When the drums called me back, as prescribed by the book, I had to wonder about this dream. I know my life isn't exciting, but was the imagery based on my parochial existence in Florida? Does it mean anything? But I'm willing to try it again and see what happens. If nothing else, it's very relaxing!

Interesting side note: I stumbled upon another artist who does shamanic journeying, Elisabeth Moss, and has done some nice artwork with her visions.

I guess this painting kind of sums up my thoughts on the journey, although I thought my power animal would have been a cat LOL!


marianne said...

what fun! i have a book on finding your animal guide that i've been packing around..... if it's as interesting as your experience i think i'll read it on the plane tomorrow! :)

passionsatplay said...

I have also done Shamanic journeying only with a group led by a Shaman. I have found that different animals show up depending on what kind of guidance I am in need of. It is always good to ask them for guidance or a gift and to thank them for what you receive. The other symbols that appear in the dream can also be explored. I incorporate a lot of symbols in my own art and find it interesting that they come more from waking dreams than sleeping. How they relate to others is also very fascinating as well. Thanks for sharing your dream and the piece is beautiful as well.

Gayle said...

Marianne, It's definitely worth a try. The drumming CD that came with the book does seem to put the mind into another space, along with strange dream-like imagery. Now to figure out how to put it on canvas or paper :-)

Gayle said...

Cheryl, I can certainly see the influence of dreams, whether awake or sleeping, in your wonderful artwork. Shamanic journeying is worthwhile for any artist searching for direction, as I am. Thanks for your insight into the process and your compliment.