Grady, my cat, watching his reality show

Grady won't miss his reality show of birds, mice and butterflies on CD. He's absolutely transfixed by the action. He can't quite figure out how they got into the TV even though he tries fishing them out from the back and top of the set.

Maybe I should spend more time watching TV and less painting. I'm in the process of reworking some paintings to death. I really have a hard time knowing when to quit and Jerry is kind of peeved at me now because I reworked his portrait into something quite strange. I'm hoping I can bring it back after the paint dries, but who knows where it will lead. I'm hoping to start something new to dissipate my energies on, but I'm having a hard time setting up an interesting still life. I'm finding that indecision is also one of the banes of being an artist. (Sigh)

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