Mother possum and weird dreams

Jerry woke me up from a strange dream early this morning and said I really needed to get up and see a mother possum with babies on her back. It was worth getting up for and Jerry got a pretty good picture of her. The possum just froze and you could almost see the gears turning in her head as she tried to figure out what to do with two large, strange creatures standing and gaping at her and her kids. She disappeared in an instant when we turned away and I think she might have set up residence under our deck. I guess we better set out more cat food for more hungry mouths :-)

One thing about being awakened suddenly from a dream is that it's easier to remember. We were at a New Year’s Eve show at a restaurant in New York, Woody Allen was sitting in front of us, the music was too low to hear and the lights were almost totally out. We escaped from a talkative boor in Woody's group and walked up to the third floor where we could hear the music better. On the way up, Jerry grabbed a couple of bran muffins from someone with a tray of baked goods and I was kind of disappointed he hadn't gotten some of the cookies I saw although I was hungry enough to eat it anyway. A baby started crying on the second floor and interfered with the music. Jerry come back after an absence and said someone had a truck full of electronic items they were giving away so he got a coffee table-sized thing that looked like an iphone. I kept saying “it’s so big, why is it so big?” Then I woke up. Not the strangest dream I ever had by a long shot, but still kind of weird.

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