Journaling toward sanity?

Digitally enhanced page from my journal

It's hard to believe how time has flown since I last posted here. We ended up selling the rental house to the couple in Melbourne (instead of renting it to them) and closed last Friday. In the meantime, I've been researching and talking to various doctors about how to approach the newest bout of skin cancer on my face, near my eye. With much trepidation, I've decided the best course of action is to have it removed by a Mohs surgeon in Melbourne. She's highly trained and competent (she's done over 8,000 of these procedures), but I'm still nervous and had to get a prescription for Valium in order to face the knife this coming Monday morning. I've been trying to maintain some level of structure in my life by going to my journaling class on Tuesday, mowing the lawn, working out, cleaning the house (somewhat), etc., but it's kind of tough. It's hard to break my deeply ingrained worrying habit. I'm disappointed in myself also for not finishing up a few paintings that are almost complete. Tomorrow, for sure, I'm going to get at them and finish them off once and for all (or at least maybe finish one.)

In my various forms of procrastination during the week, I did run across an interesting and inspiring journaling artist, Bridgette Guerzon Mills. She's worth checking out. I'm having a hard time getting into journaling per se in my book (like writing things down and expressing positive affirmations), but I've been doing a few still lifes in the Tuesday class. This one looks much better digitally enhanced with a copper-type green over it. I'm hoping I can get this look on the page tomorrow in paint.


marianne said...

best wishes with you! i think that drawing can be as good as writing for letting go of things.... keep us posted.

Gayle said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Marianne. I need all I can get now.