How to for "floater frames"

Another mystery solved and a great archival post (for me anyway). I've always wondered about "floater frames" and how they're built. I love the look of them--so elegant--and often thought how much better some of my paintings might look with nice floater frames instead of stapled sides. Here's a blog that explains it all (with pictures no less!) --with another link here--and the original thread with all the links (and some good artwork). The only thing needed now is a table saw and wood--doh! More art supplies!

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Julissa Mora said...

Hi Gayle! I used to make my own floater frames with the help of my carpenter friend. Wish he still lived near me.

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. It was good meeting you as well. You're a very talented artist.... very impressive! :) Hope to see more of you work at the art center. See you Saturday. :)