Painting from the eyes (and the head)

Patti Shistle, "Copper Reflections"

I started a new class at Maitland Art Center last week with Patti Shistle. She's a professional artist specializing in still life paintings in an old master style and has studied extensively with Gregg Kreutz and David Leffel. I just finished reading a library book by Gregg Kreutz and took a lot of notes. I really like his brush strokes, sense of color and "mystery" in his paintings. Patti seems to achieve the same things in her paintings. They're wonderful. While I love all kinds of art, especially abstract, I felt I needed the discipline involved with painting from life--painting real objects--instead of just creating things from my head (the head seems to be a little overdrawn lately.) I'm inspired now and painting a number of things, including some cat paintings, a self-portrait and the class still life. I hope something worthwhile comes out of the lot.

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