New abstract oil painting and request for help

18" x 24" abstract oil painting on canvas

Here's the latest painting I'm working on.  I'm not a big fan of greys, but I'm trying to get used to tones.  I'm learning they do have their place and can help to make adjacent colors look that much brighter.

On another note to all artists and art-lovers, please take a look at the petition below and sign and forward it to all your friends and family.  This petition will, hopefully, ensure that changes are not made to the Maitland Art Center (MAC) which might jeopardize its unique status as a charitable public trust.  MAC is not just a cultural necessity and gem here in central Florida, but it's a beautiful experience for many visitors--both nationally and internationally--to our city.  While working in art classes at MAC, I've met quite a few wonderful people from various parts of the world who have stopped in for a visit.  I encourage anyone who visits central Florida to look up this hidden treasure and stop in--you won't be disappointed.

Petition to save the Maitland Art Center

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