We took a 120 mile round trip to Suntree to see the state of our rental. Boy, was that a shock. In the middle of a drought, these people don't look like they've turned the sprinkler on in months. So, it looks like the lawn is dead. God only knows what the inside of the house looks like since they won't let us in. Jerry put a letter on the door reminding them of their obligations under the lease, and she was peeking out the window when we were there but didn't come to the door. We went to the Realtor's office and they said they hadn't encountered people like this in a very long time and gave us some advice about what to do next. Their behaviour is just plain bizarre. She couldn't come to the door, but as soon as we left we got a call from the Sheriff wanting to know what was going on. I couldn't believe how fast she must have jumped in the car and driven/flown to the Sheriff's office, because we couldn't have gotten 1 1/2 miles from the house when he called. Knowing their fundamentalist status, there must have been some divine intervention there (or perhaps the other kind.) Jerry could hear her shreiking in the background about the injustices (putting a notice up on the door?) we had done. Anyway, this thing is terribly depressing and saps alot of energy (and I guess money when all is said and done). If the lesson never sank in before, it will now. Whenever you encounter a fish sign, or someone parading around with one, run like hell. Perhaps I can incorporate the fish sign in that ugly painting to resolve it. It belongs in an ugly painting.

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