Hummingbird and Angel Trumpets ©, 8" x 10", acrylic

I worked all day on painting. My obsessive compulsive tendencies can really get the best of me, especially since I tend to stand when I paint and I really get worn out. Memo to self: work out in the A.M. so you can paint the rest of the day. I tried some photo transfers and they didn't come out at all. Instead of obsessing, I said screw it and decided to paint. I like the look of transfers and they just can't be duplicated with paint, so it's disappointing. Maybe one day I'll hit the mother lode and figure it out. I did finish this hummingbird painting (not really, because I don't like a number of things about it and will probably keep fiddling with it until it's ready for the trash can) and decided to post it. I'm working on a portrait of Seamus and Jerry and Seamus. They aren't doing too well, but I lowered one of Seamus's eyes and it's starting to "look up." lol! One of the highlights of today was a "mud" painting I'm working on. Being the true frugal Irish person that I am, I primed a canvas with leftover paint which, naturally, turned to mud. Since it was so useless a canvas, I threw some more left over paint on it and it's beginning to take on a life I never expected. I'm starting to like the look of it. The somewhat engineered paint against the mud has an unexpected and unifying quality I couldn't have planned. I can see a whole series of "mud" paintings (I've already primed two more mud canvases) and the concept of bringing forth something of "beauty" from mud is also appealing.

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