Precarious Penguin Perch ©, 9" x 12", acrylic on canvas board
Didn't get to post yesterday. It was very traumatic. We went over to the house at Suntree and tried to get into the garage to fix the sprinklers before the whole lawn died and have the yard crew work on trimming the shrubs. Surprise! The idiots living there wouldn't let us in--even with a Deputy present. Our lawyer told us we have every right to go in to maintain our property and had notified them several days ago that we would be there at 11:00. She, of course, lied to the Deputy and told them Jerry had "threatened" them and she was just trying to protect her children. These people are criminally insane. I shudder to think what they must be hiding in that house. I can only hope that they do leave by the end of the month, but I'm not counting on it. It was white-knuckle driving on the way home as it rained buckets and by the time we got back I had to take a two hour nap. I felt lucky to be able to pull myself together and go for a walk with Jerry and Marley. Anyway, today was a little better and we went to the Y and worked out for a couple of hours. I felt so much better after the yoga class--totally relaxed. I wish I could paint some of the colors and abstract thoughts that come into my mind when I meditate, but somehow when I go into my art room it isn't quite the same. I haven't had much luck with these photo transfers, but this painting is a feeble attempt with a photo that caught my eye of penguins (hundreds of them) on a ledge. It didn't quite work so I tried to compensate with some paint in a Klee-type fashion. May try a little wash to unify parts of it--but then again, maybe not.

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