I spent an inordinate amount of time today perusing the web trying to figure out how to sell my stuff. To be honest, I'm sick of it. According to the "experts," you have to be part carnival barker and part snake oil sales(person) in order to sell your art on the internet. Judging from the looks of the competition on sites such as Ebay, you have to pretty much sell your soul for a nickel also. If I feel like it and it happens, I'll just keep creating stuff until I drown in it. It's all vanity anyways. Today George Carlin died. Last week Tim Russert, next week, who knows? What's really depressing is that George Carlin was born on the exact same day, exact same year, as Jerry. Well, I really don't want to go there, but I guess the cruel reality is that we can keep on doing things to "defy" death, like creating art and in our deluded mind creating some sort of immortality, or just give into the hopelessness of it all. Today, I suppose, was giving into the hopelessness of it all. How depressing. Maybe tomorrow will be different and I'll squelch the negativity and resurrect the mask of optimism and sunshine and get out my paints and start daubing again. But today I'll wallow in the darkness of it all.


Donna Ridgway said...

I so much understand how you feel in this post. I have been going through the same things. Why bother?

I have decided I am no marketer of my art. From now on, I do the basic put it on the web thing, and let it go.

I have a large studio, I'll fill it up and give it all to my children. :) They will love me for that.
Donna Ridgway

Gayle said...

You are so lucky to have a large studio. I'm running out of room in my art room and it's getting hard to concentrate with all the detritus from past endeavors. Luckily, I do have a fan (my husband) who is working very hard to hang everything up so it's out of my way. By the way, I absolutely love your website and art. Do you mind if I put a link on my blog (I'm not sure of the correct protocol--I'm a newbie)? Thanks for writing.

Donna Ridgway said...

Feel free to place a link to my site although you surely don't have to! I am glad to hear you enjoyed the work. I especially like your floral works...Donna