Happy Labor Day (Go Away Gustav)

Let them eat cake! (Hurricane Katrina party--woo hoo!)
This Labor Day we watch Gustav approach Louisiana and hope that New Orleans will be reprieved of the devastation that Katrina brought three years ago. After Bush's fiasco in New Orleans, another stain on America's soul alongside Abu Ghraib, illegal war, wiretapping Americans, shredding the Constitution, on and on, it's somewhat amusing to watch the GOP and McCain scramble all over themselves to avoid further criticism of their incompetence. Instead of seeing Bush and McCain eat cake as they did when Katrina struck (above photo), I suspect we'll be treated to the spectacle of them looking sufficiently grim and worried, doing their photo ops in Louisiana while the hurricane roars. In his bid for President, McCain is trying to rewrite history about his response to Katrina and the aftermath of investigations into the corruption which hampered rebuilding New Orleans, but this link tells a different story.

Here in Florida, surrounded by hurricanes in the Gulf and Atlantic, it can't help but bring to mind the two competing parties in this years' election and the stormy campaign awaiting (as if we didn't have enough with the long-winded Democratic nomination.) The calculated move by McCain to select a totally unqualified woman such as Sarah Palin as VP is absurd and arrogant at the same time. He assumes that because he picked a woman, any woman, he'll siphon off disgruntled Hillary voters because women will vote for a woman, any woman. If anyone is disgruntled enough to vote for McCain (not many I'm sure) or not vote period because of lingering ill will, you really need to know about the VP who might one day be sitting in the White House with a McCain presidency. Check it out.



I am so glad I am on your Happy Labor Day List --- looks like Gustav is kinder than Katrina but all hurricanes are bad news. Now it's time for Hanna to stay far away out at sea so we do not see, hear or drown in her tearing tears of rain.

Love Purring Kitty Kat!

Mary Elizabeth of Altamonte

Rachel said...

thanks for sharing your blog with me! I'll put it on my favorites and link it to mine. You can check out my food blog, too.

Gayle said...

Your food blog looks great--I'll have to try some of those recipes. And I'll have to poke around in your Moroccan blog when I have a little time--it looks interesting. I'll link to yours also. Thanks.

Gayle said...

Hi ME,
I love that little kitty too. Our newest addition, Grady, is especially sweet and has a real soft spot for Marley. Hope to run into you someday in Yoga class!

Anonymous said...

Hey Gayle,
Yeah, they were all trying to be on their toes this time. Ha! And just what was McCane thinking in choosing Palin? He would of been better off choosing another senator - maybe Kay Baily Hutchinson. Clueless!


Gayle said...

Hey Kathy,
That's who Jerry was thinking it would be. The more I hear about Palin, the scarier it becomes. I read some of the excerpts from her speech (couldn't stand to watch the actual thing) and it made me shudder.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gayle,

What a gorgeous website. I already bookmarked it. I'm glad to hear from you. I've been staying on top of the impeachment/accountability stuff. I sure hope no one votes for Nader; that's as bad as McFeeble & The Pitbull B**** w/lipstick. ;-(

I watch for you and Jerry when I'm at the Baldwin Park Publix. Tell him hello.

Take care and stay in touch!
Debbie LOL

Gayle said...

Hi Debbie,
Thanks for the compliment. We look for you in the Publix also (and it seems that we're always there)--Jerry has a thing for that store :-) This campaign is really getting depressing and I fear for our country if we have another 4/8 years of McBush. The press better do a better job this time of reporting Palin's corruption, instead of the usual parroting of GOP talking points. There is no good reason that the polls should be even after the last 8 years of Bush/Cheney assault. Canada is looking better and better.